Bull Development Program

In July of each year 120 to 150 bull calves arrive for development. They are the product of 25 years plus of performance breeding and they represent the top end of production from a 750+ based cow herd. The foundation females that produced these bulls are the result of generations of selection pressure applied for fertility, calving ease, udder quality , disposition, structural soundness, mothering ability, and performance. The bull calves are sired by the best in the business and the result is a balanced EPD top performing calf with high genetic merit.

We develop all the bulls at our Bull Development Center in Livingston, Alabama. The bulls are sorted into groups of 20 to 25 and are placed in 15 to 20 acre bahai grass traps . They are fed free choice hay and a ration to target a 3 pound per day weight gain . We want to insure genetic differentiation and protect soundness for longevity in the bulls. A company wide progressive health protocol is observed on all the bulls . The bulls are all BVD tested free.

During our 150 day development period prior to our December bull sale the bulls are continuously sorted for performance, disposition, ultra-sounded for carcass merit, branded , and will complete a Breeding soundness examination and semen test. A bull must pass all these stringent sorts to gain entry into our bull sale roster to insure you are truly getting the best of the best!

We are blessed to have our bull sale annually recognized nationally as a desired source for progressive data driven Angus, Simmental, and Sim-Angus genetics developed in a real world environment to increase our customers profit!

Join us the first Saturday in December for our annual Bull Sale

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