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NSCC is comprised of 14 progressive Sim-Angus and Simmental Breeders located throughout the State of Alabama.
The group is very fortunate to include Tommy Brown as Genetic and Marketing Coordinator. Cattle are bred based on sound science and technology with Cowboy Common Sense applied to a data-based breeding program comprised of 600+ cows.
The Next Step Cattle Company Bull Development Center is located at 200 Bartram St. Livingston Al. The center is under the direction of Mike Cole and James Dixon. Our bulls are developed on a complete ration formulated by South Fresh Feeds and hay and are developed in large twenty to twenty-five acre pastures which allows them to express their genetic potential for growth with a projected 3.0 pound average daily gain per day of age.
The goal of NSCC is to produce bulls that sire calves which calve easy, wean heavy, demand top market prices, and make top replacement females. The calves produced by NSCC are bred to be profitable in the feedyard, and to produce a top quality carcass which will provide the consumer with an enjoyable eating experience. Top end seedstock producers producing superior genetics!

Pinedale Farms

Pinedale Farms

Pinedale Farms is located in Clanton, AL and maintains 15 Sim-Angus and purebred Angus cows. Pinedale Farms is owned by the Brad Moatts family. Their family includes Brad and Jill along with there 3 children Sara Kate age 11, Luke age 5 and Caroline age 2

Our genetic goals are to produce bulls for the commercial beef producers in the Southeast that will keep them in business and that will produce a product that consumers will be willing to buy for their families. Cows are bred to calve in September and October each year. Our top bull calves are marketed through the Next Step Cattle Company bull sell in December. The lower end of the bull calves are marketed as commercial feeder calves through area markets. The heifer calves are either developed and retained as replacement females or marketed at weaning to other breeders. We purchased our foundation Angus cows in 2001 from the Auburn University Beef herd.

Brad presently serves on the Board of Directors of the local Chilton County Cattleman’s Association.

Circle H Cattle Farm

Circle H Cattle Farm, Marion Junction, AL

Circle H Cattle Farm, owned by Jimmy and Kathleen Holliman, is a purebred seed stock operation with the goal of producing quality homozygous black Simmental cattle. Science based decisions using EPD’s, ultrasound measurements, as well as DNA profiles are used in selection decisions. Phenotype is also important as cattle are required to be structurally sound to remain in the herd. The first registered Simmental cows were recorded in 1982 at Circle H. These cows were the result of an intensive AI program and the use of detailed records to make selection decisions. Circle H, located in the Black Belt region of Alabama, where commercial cattle are a major contributor to the agriculture economy, strives to produce bulls that are in demand by the cattle producers in the area as well as throughout the Southeast. Their bulls are marketed through the Next Step Cattle Company Bull Sale which is a group of progressive performance based breeders having a common goal of producing bulls that will keep their customers profitable. Heifers are marketed to select breeders through private treaty sales.

Jimmy has served in many leadership positions in cattle organizations in Alabama and nationally. He has served as president of the Alabama Pure Bred Beef Breeds Association, the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association and the Beef Improvement Federation where he received the Continuous Service Award. He served as president of the 11,000 member Alabama Cattlemen’s Association and also served as a Trustee and Treasurer of the American Simmental Association Board of Trustees. Jimmy currently serves as Chairman of the Cattle Health and Well Being Committee for the National Cattlemen Beef Association and is vice-president of the Southeastern Livestock Exposition.

The philosophy at Circle H is to have complete performance records on all cattle which makes the Performance Advocate program a natural fit for their cattle operation.

Jimmy, Kathleen, their son, Bret and his wife, Mary Ellen are all advocates of the Simmental breed.

Sucarnoochee Cattle Company

Sucarnoochee Cattle Company

Sucarnoochee Cattle Company originated in Sumter County, Alabama on the banks of the beautiful Sucarnoochee River. We breed 105 head of Angus, SimAngus, and Simmental females on our Alabama Blackbelt pastures. These cows are the result of a detailed AI breeding program.

Owners include Michael Cole, wife Tammy, son Michael Alan (Herdsman), Scott Powell, wife Allison, and Caine Conway. This group also own and operate Big Mike’s Steakhouses in Thomasville, Andalusia, and Orange Beach. They were awarded the 2016 Best Steak in Alabama award from the Alabama Cattleman’s Association. The 2017 Best Steakhouse in Alabama by AL.com. Big Mike’s uses only certified Angus Beef (CAB).

We strive to raise cattle for the Southeastern commercial cattleman who has a view to the end product in mind. The goal is to produce easy calving, big growth bulls that have exceptional carcass quality, all in a polled, black package. We want our bulls to sire a high quality calf whose endpoint is being served as a CAB steak in a Big Mike’s Steakhouse.

Dearmon Fork Farms

Dearmon Fork Farms

Dearmon Fork Farms located in Millry is truly a family business owned and operated by Ethan Dearmon, his wife Cindy, mother Myron and several part time farm hands including grandkids Neilan and Riley Kate.

Dearmon Fork Farms implements planned mating, with strong emphasis on data collection and comparisons, producing bulls with predominant genetics and heifers with impressive phenotypical qualities for our customers.


Dixon Farms

Dixon Farms

Dixon Farms is a seed stock business focused on supplying high quality genetics to the commercial cattleman. Our long-term goal has been to develop a herd of cattle that calve easily, exhibit early/efficient growth, have quality carcass, composition, and express maternal efficiency, while being fertile, black, polled and docile. At Dixon Farms Tami and I feel our role is to provide our customers with profit oriented genetics as a key to success. We strive to provide our customers with genetics that work in their operation and provide down the road value to the feed lot, packer and ultimately a quality product for the retail customer.

C&L Farms

C & L Farms

C & L Farm is located in North East Alabama, and is owned and operated by Chris Lipscomb, wife Leslie Lipscomb and 2 daughters Landri and Kinley. Our farm originated in 2006 with one mission in mind, “to provide the best genetics possible that would help improve the herds of our customers.” Our Simmental/SimAngus cow base generated through the help of Tommy Brown and Sunshine Cattle Co. This provided us with a great foundation to build off of and we have been aggressive with A.I. breeding to the top of the line bulls available in the market and also through E.T. work which simply adds the icing on the cake. We strive for excellence in the areas of carcass, phenotype, and sound genetics, and feel that these aspects are the keys to success for both commercial and registered breeders.

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