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Next Step Cattle Company

The Proven Source of Top Quality Sim-Angus, Simmental and Angus Genetics


Next Step Cattle Co. is owned by a group by of 10 progressive Sim-Angus, Simmental and Angus breeders with over 150 years experience breeding superior cattle for beef producers in the Southeastern section of the United States. The goals of Next Step Cattle Co. is to produce bulls that sire calves which will calve easy, wean heavy, demand top prices, and make top replacement females. These calves will also have the genetic ability to be profitable in the feedyard, produce a top quality carcass and provide the consumer with an enjoyable eating experience.

The bulls marketed by Next Step Cattle Co are selected from the production of over 500 cows which represent generations of selection based on a complete data base of records which include birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, ultrasound, frame score and calving intervals.

These breeders use the EPDs and Indexes from the American Simmental Association and the American Angus Associations to develop genetic lines that will simplify the selection process for their commercial customers.


Next Step Cattle Co – Designed Genetic Lines of Sim-Angus, Simmental and Angus Bulls

NSSC H Plus Bulls (H+) – All Purpose and Heifer bulls

(H+) bulls are for customers with small cow herds which use a single bull to breed mature cows and replacement heifers. H+ bulls are also recommended to use on virgin heifers. The H+ Bulls are selected for negative BW EPDs, calving ease, average growth and milk and a high ASA-API index.

NSSC C Plus Bulls (C+) – Power Bulls for mature cows

(C+) bulls are for customers with cowherds of 30 head and higher. These customers market top quality feeder steers in organized feeder calf and special marketing programs or custom feed their steers to market in premium carcass grids.

They retain their replacement heifers and also market heifers for premiums as replacement females. The C+ bulls have average BW EPDs and above average growth and milk EPDs. C+ bulls will have above average ASA-API index and AA-Weaned Calf Value ($W).

NSSC T Plus Bulls (T+) –Terminal Bulls

(T +) bulls are for our customers that have a large number of cows and sell or custom feed all their calves and buy their replacement females. The T+ bulls have above average BW EPDs with growth EPDs that are in the top 10% of the breed. They are also in the top 20% of the breed for Terminal Index (TI) or Beef Value ($B). These bulls are ideal for the Brahman influenced cowherds located throughout the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions.


The H+, C+, and T+ bulls all come with the convenience traits of being Black and Polled and have different % of Simmental and Angus genetics and frame size to fit the variations in our customers cowherds. Some bulls will have the EPDs and data to fit in one or more of the genetic lines. These bulls also have the following traits bred in to increase value of their progeny: Carcass Merit, Feed Efficiency, and Tenderness. The data used for selection of these traits are from the ASA Carcass Merit Program and the Angus Sire Alliance.

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