Next Step Cattle Company

Next Step Cattle Company is owned by 14 progressive Sim-Angus and Simmental breeders throughout the state of Alabama with over 150 years of experience breeding superior seed stock for beef producers. The goal of Next Step Cattle Company is to produce bulls that sire calves which calve easy, wean heavy, demand top market prices, and make top replacement females. The calves produced by our bulls are bred to be profitable in the feedyard, and to produce a top quality carcass which will provide the consumer an enjoyable eating experience.

The bulls produced and offered by Next Step Cattle Company represent the top production from a 600+ cow herd . These bulls and their dams result from generations of selection pressure for fertility, calving ease, udder quality, disposition, structural soundness, performance, and carcass merit. A complete data base is utilized to include birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, ultrasound carcass measurements, frame scores, calving ease, and soundness.

EPD’s are provided by the American Angus Association and the American Simmental Association. These are used to develop the finest genetic lines in the business to simplify our customers selection process .

We blend science and technology with Cowboy Common Sense at NSCC!

If you desire the best in Angus, Sim-Angus, and Simmental genetics you will find them in quantity at Next Step Cattle Company. Compare our cattle to any in America for EPD profile, performance, pedigree, phenotype , and overall genetic merit and you will agree these cattle will roll to the top of your selection process!


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